What an Incredible Fundraiser for Brianna!

The fundraiser was amazing!  It was wonderful to have the support and encouragement of so many individuals who came out to celebrate my daughter Brianna.  I am so grateful for all that Post 248 did from the Sons of the American Legion to make the event a success!  Everyone had an amazing time!


Brianna enjoyed the excitement of the day with delicious barbecued foods, music, and lots of friends!

Bri picnic

She smiled and laughed surrounded by so much attention and love!

Kristina, Nancy  and Bri

Friends came from hours away to offer support!


New friends were made too!


Brianna and I got to relax and enjoy everybody.


Reporter Ranji Sinha came out to cover the event and Channel 12 aired a beautiful story about Brianna last night.


Tommy Dunn, who had initially brought Brianna’s story to the attention of the Sons of the American Legion and worked hard to help organize the event, was interviewed with Woodbridge Mayor John McCormac.


Head Case volunteered to perform and everyone enjoyed the music!

IMG_4225 2

Brianna swayed with the music. Her hearing was very poor as were all of her senses at birth. Repetitive stimulation has brought her far and she can hear perfectly.  I’m sure her senses were tingling as she rocked back and forth to the beat!


Bri’s brother and sister played with their friend Colt. They love their little sister and had a great time making tie dye shirts and participating in all of the fun activities that were organized for the kids!


I am so grateful to all of our friends for coming out to support Brianna!


It is wonderful to have so many amazing people in our lives!

IMG_4213 2

Grandad and Brianna’s new puppy Chloe, who will be trained as a therapy dog,  also were there and enjoyed everyone!


Chloe got worn out though with all of the excitement!


Brianna is a happy, beautiful 5-year-old who is a true blessing in my life. I am so grateful to everyone for making this day so special for my little angel!


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